Stealing Darkness

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Minn Sterling ran away from Crescent Lake to escape the pyschic legacy left to her by her mother and to protect her heart from the man she was too scared to love. But when three women are mysteriously killed and the only connection the police have is her psychic link to the killer, Minn has no choice but to face her fears and run back into the arms of the one man who believes in her enough to catch the killer



Huddled against the headboard, Minn Sterling curled tightly into a fetal position. Pressing her hands hard to her ears did nothing to block the sound reverberating through her like a knife slicing through her skull.
   What had started as a faint moan had transformed into a soul-shattering scream that tapped at her subconscious until she was forced to focus on the incessant distraction. Once acknowledged, the screaming intensified, the repercussion bringing with them a wave of dissension that rolled through her body and shook her nerves.
   Minn took huge, gulping breaths as she attempted to fill the hollowness settling heavily in her chest.
   It was happening again.
   Reaching out in the darkness, Minn scrambled her fingers across the nightstand until she found her cell phone. She flipped it open, but the small amount of light emanating from the screen did little to dispel the fear swiftly closing in around her.
   Oh God, she couldn’t do this again. The last time had nearly killed her.
   She concentrated at the cheerful picture of her sister that she used as a backdrop for her phone. She had few options. She could call 911. But would they really believe her when she said that some faceless, nameless woman was about to be murdered? Especially, a woman she could only hear in her head?
   Closing her eyes, she forced her head back against the wall as she fought the static waves of panic coursing through her. Her own sweat and tears mingled, trickling down her face as the woman’s terrified sobbing was joined by a cursed growling in her head.
   Through her tears, she focused once again on the screen on her phone. She could call her sister, Grace, but there was nothing she could do when she was in North Carolina. Still, the sound of her voice might be enough to break the hold on the energy that was plaguing her.
   She hit speed dial and waited as the cell phone rang once, twice, and then went dead, the light from her phone sizzling out with a zap.
   “Damn. Damn. Damn.” Throwing her cell phone onto the bed, she once again pulled her long legs up close to her chest and lay there, huddled and shivering.
   “Help me,” the woman’s voice had graduated from whimper to a harsh whisper.
Minn clutched her pillow in front of her like a shield. This was no nightmare. The reality was much scarier than any dream-induced fear.
   The sound of sirens screamed through the air, gaining as they approached the street outside her apartment building. Blue lights flashed across the walls of her third floor bedroom, revolving like a kaleidoscope gone haywire.
   Minn scrambled out of bed, shivering as her feet touched the bare, wooden floor. She padded to the window, pulling back the thin curtain. Below a moonless sky, police cars filled the wide street between her building and the park. There were so many cars and so many officers that it took a moment for her eyes to adjust.
   From her window, she watched as they converged around a stand of trees that edged the pond at the center of the park. They were so close. She could feel it.
   “Hold on,” she whispered, knowing her plea would never help. “You just need to hold on a bit longer. They’re coming.”
   “Please, help me,” said the voice in a frail whisper that faded, disappearing into the ether.
   Minn crumbled to the floor, her fingers pressed against the glass. Pain radiated through her chest, sharp and staggering.
   So close, Minn thought, and they’re so close and they don’t even know it.
   But she had no hope that the woman could hear her.
   The whimpering had stopped.

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