Another Loss...

Another young person from our community passed away yesterday.

For me, all I know is the grief I feel that yet another life has gone way too soon. Maybe I'm getting old. I've seen far too much of this and it's heartbreaking every single time, whether they are related or not. We are community. We are family. In this case, he was family, but that doesn't mean anything when you grow up in a small place. Every child is your child. And every hurt they have is yours.

Out of this long list of young people that have left us too soon, there are so many left behind that still mark the holidays, birthdays and life events that they have missed. We struggle, knowing that the pain we feel is as much for ourselves as it is for them. We share our memories with others, many times through social media, so that their memory, their presence lives on around us.

Every day when my son leaves I tell him to be safe. He finds it funny that I still continue to do so, but if it's that one reminder that might stick in his brain and help him, I don't care if it's funny. I do it because I couldn't bare it if it was him. I have the greatest reverence and respect for those parents that endure a loss of a child, no matter the age. A child should never die before a parent. It's not how it's supposed to work. And yet, all too often it happens.

Be kind to others today. Take a moment to actually listen to someone, or just say hello. Cherish life and hug your loved ones... blood or not. It matters not.

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