The Dark Side of Paranormal

I think it was sometime around 2009 that my interest in the Paranormal really took quite a turn for me. I'd been watching quite a few of those shows... you know which ones, and found that I really didn't mind the idea of going into a dark place in the middle of the night and looking for things that scare most rational people. But it wasn't until my love of local legends gave me a chance to become involved with a local Ghost Hunting group that I was able to put those thoughts to the test. What was I thinking? More than once on an investigation I found myself giving my brain a shake. But still, I loved it. I investigated with the group for about a year, but for anyone interested you need to understand that it is a major time commitment. And, if you are like me and work a retail job, you'll find that it's hard to get the hours right. I still investigate, mostly on a request basis. I've been called in on a few cases and done some digging of my own. Have I see any ghosts? I certainly seen things (and heard) that I can't explain. It's a bit like becoming obsessed with something. It gets into your blood.

This brings me to the pic above. For those of you don't recognize it, it's Pennhurst Asylum in Pennsylvania. The young woman in the picture is my daughter. She's always ready to jump and go on adventures with mom. This was taken a couple weekends before Halloween and Pennhurst was gearing up for their Haunted House. They didn't appreciate the little side trip I took to get the pictures, but it's on the bucket list of places I need to go. Some of the reasons are highly personal, especially when it comes to the rather traumatic past of the institution. But there is that adventurer in me that is just begging to get out there and investigate. Hopefully soon.

I'll keep you all updated!

Grief in Storytelling

I'm hard at work on STEALING THUNDER. The number 2 book in the Darkness Paranormal series that I'm writing. As in STEALING DARKNESS, this book deals considerably with grief. It's a recurring theme for most of my work, mostly because of the truth of the emotion. In STEALING DARKNESS, the grief is over an unseen loss and how it relates to her own inability to save someone. But in STEALING THUNDER, the grief has several avenues. The first is Graham's coming to terms with the loss of his mother, a loss he thought he dealt with long ago. For Grace, it's watching a friend slowing fading away. And for a little girl, it's dealing with the grief of watching her mother die and knowing there's no way to stop it.

People automatically think that grief is something that happens after death. But in fact, from the moment we realize the finality of a situation we are forced to deal with our own mortality, and the inevitability of loss. I've often heard people say that it must be easier to deal with a sudden loss over one that we see coming, but truly grief (in all it's forms) is never easy. The wear on the body, both physical and mental is what make the time span so significant. The wear and tear on the heart is what makes us all human.

The only way to make the grief any easier is to accept it for what is and the process for what it brings. It will take as long as it takes and no one will ever have the same experience. And the best preparation is to say all the things that you want to say. Tell people what they mean to you. Take the time to make them a part of your everyday life, and never forget or overlook those tiny moments that become huge blessings.

STEALING DARKNESS: Book One of the Darkness Paranormal Series

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Minn Sterling ran away from Crescent Lake to escape the psychic legacy left to her by her mother and to protect her heart from the man she was too scared to love. But when three women are mysteriously killed and the only connection the police have is her psychic link to the killer, Minn has no choice but to face her fears and run back into the arms of the one man who believes in her enough to catch the killer.

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