Mayhem, Dangerous Intent and a Removal of my Precious Sanity... And that's just this week

Can I pick 'em, or can I pick 'em?

This should be a smooth sailing week leading to the luxury of a vacation, but instead I find myself surrounded by chaos and wishing for the soul enhancing dance of quiet writing time.

Should be easy. Right? You would think so, but even the best of intentions can be derailed by a family on the move toward the edge of reason and chaos.

Let me explain...

Hubby is hard at work, running lengths of beautiful bronze metal up on the roof. He trudges up and down the ladder, laboring in the heat, while moaning over the fact that he wasn't born to be a carpenter. The roof is truly glorious and it's going to be wonderful come this chilly, snow-laden winter. Especially, when he doesn't have to get up there and shovel off the roof. This is only the beginning of the chaos that will be River View for the next couple months. Electricity is getting updated and there are new windows and doors to be installed. I'm even getting a new kitchen floor if we can ever agree on just what will withstand the constant flow of teenagers in and out of the door.

And then, there is the daughter who is returning for her third year of college. I spent a lot of time this summer repeating the words, "Your 20 now and I can't tell you what to do, but..." which usually was a reminder to put her laundry in, clean her perpetual chaos out from underfoot or move her car out of the path of the first vehicle to leave in the morning. I miss her dearly when she goes to college, but there is a reason why they grow and leave and it's usually just to preserve a parent's sanity.

Son has started football. Again. This last year has been a year of amazing growth. In his case, it's means a growth of about a foot. At 14, he's 6'2" which should make him the largest on the Freshman football team, but alas, he's not. He's still growing, so stay tuned. In the meantime, we have the daily washing of the football gear, the running back and forth to practice and trying to fill the endless well that is a teenage boy's stomach. Not an easy task.

And through it all I have undertaken the task of writing a new story. I put aside the other stuff and have decided to take another direction. This is book in a week and I'm trying to find a way to meet my measly goals. Keep your fingers crossed for us here at River View... our sanity is in short supply. I am endeavoring to keep a better visual of my progress here, prompted by the frequent posts of Cherie Priest as she chronicles her writing and life. I enjoy her chaos. I hope you can find some enjoyment in mine.

Until then, happy writing!

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Diane said...

Teenagers and young adult children will keep you on your toes.

Glad to hear about the new roof.

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