Another Tale of Ebook Pricing

Almost a year ago I wrote this nifty little blog post about pricing on ebooks where I talked about the taco pricing (read it to get the full meaning) and how we shouldn't undervalue our work. But then, I went and did just that. I was convinced that if I priced OBSIDIAN at just .99 it would be picked up as a hot seller and spark interest. It did... for the first couple of weeks. But then, after time, the sales started lagging. There are any number of reasons why a book will languish in medium-ville. Not enough publicity. Not enough word of mouth... I can't really say why the book lagged in sales. I originally put it off to the fact that it had already been out as a hardcover for some time. I wasn't really sure.

Anyway, recently I pulled Stealing Darkness back from Smashwords and the places that they distribute to. I didn't like the lack of control. The total facelessness (not a word... I know) that I was finding by going this route. I love being able to see what a book is doing. I love being able to tweak my works and maybe even change the direction of my sales. I wasn't getting that ability anywhere but at Amazon.

After I pulled it back I knew that a couple of things were seriously needed for the book to succeed.
The first is a new cover... I am glad to tell you that I have it in my hot fingers. The second was that I needed to look at the sequel again and determine what had held me back from publishing it. It was done. But either I was unhappy with the direction the story took, or I lost confidence from lagging sales... either way, I had shot myself in the foot and I needed to correct it.

So, here is what is coming up...

On Friday, August 23 the price of both OBSIDIAN and THREE TRUTHS will be changed to $5.99. I can't promise that they will remain this price, but they are both full length novels, and as such deserve a price that reflects the blood, sweat, tears and imagination I put into them.

Date to be announced: STEALING DARKNESS will be reissued with a hotter content and an even hotter cover. Seriously! This cover is amazing!  Also this will be coincide with...

Date to be announced: STEALING THUNDER the second book in the DARKNESS PARANORMAL SERIES and a longer book, featuring Grace, the middle Sterling sister and a very hunky hero named Graham Wolfe. This one takes place in one of my favorite places, the Smoky Mountains and North Carolina. Stay tuned for more...

AND, JUST BECAUSE I CAN'T RESIST... there is a little teaser in the back of STEALING THUNDER about the third and final book in the DARKNESS PARANORMAL SERIES. The title isn't quite decided upon (I can't make up my mind), but this is all Nevi Sterling's book and it's set in New Orleans! I'll let you know more when STEALING THUNDER is released and keep watch here for more info.

ONE LAST THING!!!!!! I'm going to be doing a giveaway this Fall, so stay tuned. You never know what may happen next!

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