A Change

I'm not adverse to change. Most of the time I am okay with it. I understand that change leads to growth and new opportunities, but sometimes change is hard to swallow. This would be the case with the current situation at hand. For 19 years I've been a member of Maine RWA. I was there for the first meeting of the current incarnation and I was there for a couple of the old ones. In the beginning I was a very green young writer with lots of hopes, but not much else. I found myself sitting silently at meetings soaking up the knowledge of many great writers. I was brought into the group and friendships and family-like bonds were formed. I will forever think of the RWA members as family. They've seen me through many trials and tribulations and the birth of my son. They were with me for the good and the bad and I know that if I needed them they'd be there for me. I wouldn't have gotten as far as I have without their support, friendship and even love. But the last few years have been hard and I find myself at a crossroads as it comes to justifying my membership in RWA. I haven't been to a conference since the last Washington conference and I have a hard time proving that the cost is more important than the staples, such as food, heat, college costs, etc. In actuality, I didn't think the decision would be this hard. But in the end I know it's what needs to be done. I can feel some sense of satisfaction in that fact.

To my friends and fellow writers of Maine RWA I thank you for all that you have given me over the years. I may be back. I haven't given up writing. I don't intend to give up now. I wish you all the biggest success and all your dreams come true. You are very special to me.

Best wishes to all,

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