Rejection, Rinse, Repeat...

Odd title, I know, but frankly I'm in the kind of mood. Quirkey, resigned, somewhat off balance, none of these are new reactions for me. But then, I'm no stranger to rejection. This week I recieved a rejection from a well known house that allows submissions of previously published work. I'd submitte it back in August and had no hopes of hearing anything on it until October. So imagine my surprise when I opened my email on one of my truly yucky days this week and found an "R" email.

After comisserating with my friends I feel a bit better. The book is good. I can publish it myself. But I was hoping to find an expanded audience for it that I'm not sure I can get through Indie Pubbing. My friend Diane made the comment that "Instead of hurting less, it seems rejections wound us more", as we progress through the years. It's tough. No one wants their baby to be turned down, especially when it's already found a good home once. It's kind of like an animal being that been returned to the shelter and has to start looking for a good home and someone to love them all over again.

So, after a few days it doesn't smart as well. They didn't take the time to tell me it was horrible and to never send anything to darken their door again. In fact, the email suggests that something else may suit their needs later. But it's still rejection and now I am facing the difficult decision over which direction to turn. The way I see it I've got two options.

1. Try to submit to a house that is more mystery oriented and less romance oriented. But most of the big houses require an agent.
2. Indie pub it myself... and there is another option...
3. Indie pub it and make it a series. I've had a mind to do this for quite some time. There is another book that could easily become the next in the series. But do I really want to go there?

We shall see. I'll keep you all posted. I'm sure you're all on the edges of your seat to see what I'm going to do. But I think I'll chose to look at this as just another opportunity. After all, I'm an optimist at best.


Dr. Debra Holland said...

essnnels 36Hugs on the rejection.

Just because you self-publish it doesn't mean it can't be picked up by a traditional publisher. That's what happened to me with my Montana Sky series. I actually had several offers. :)

Bethany Gott Oliver said...

Thank you for the good thoughts. I hope so.

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