Reasons for Backing Up Work and Not Throwing Out Anything

Okay, confession time... I've been sitting on the new version of Obsidian for quite some time. Mostly like a year. I've had the rights back for awhile, but with working on the Darkness Paranormal Series I put Obsidian on the back burner. Time to bring it to the front.

But that brought up a very big problem. The original book was on my laptop which fried itself last year. I've yet to get a new laptop and all the old information is stuck on the old hard drive. I didn't have a digital version of the book. Ackkkk!!!!! The prospect of typing it all back into the computer is a daunting one. And what if I make big mistakes when it's already an edited copy? Worse, I knew that at some point I had made a copy of the book on disk, but for the life of me couldn't find it. It wasn't on my hard drive, my thumb drive and on any of the piles of disks that I still have. This was bad.

But, since I am an optimist at heart I concluded that eventually my copy would show up when it was the right time for me to work on it. Low and behold, today was the day. I happened to look into the box of disks that contain my older ghost investigation information and found a disk marked "word backup". Light bulbs went off over my head, fireworks lit the sky and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir was singing a chorus of Hallelujah! Sure enough, all the copies, included the edited version to the original publisher were on the disk.

But wait... that wasn't all I was looking for. Yup, there was more. I decided that since it was time to repub Obsidian that I would include a partial scene from the original manuscript. One that I had taken out to make it more in line with the original publishers "more suspense, less romance" mantra. Now, where had I put that? After all, I wrote it back sometime around 2002 and Obsidian wasn't published by Five Star until 2007. That was several computers and lots of gray hairs ago. I really thought I was going to have to go back and recreate the scene. It was then that I remembered the huge binder I had been shuffling from place to place in the basement. A folder that I'd threatened to throw out multiple times and burn the contents, but never quite got around to it.

I shuffled off to the dank basement, next to the table I once envisioned as a work space (no more) and dug through the old binder. There is actually original work going back to 1995. Not all of it is good, but it's there and it's was all a great big learning experience. But there, buried in the back was the original version of Obsidian with the scene I'd been looking for. It would seem that the writing Gods are smiling on me today and I really appreciate it.

Did I learn my lesson? I've been learning this lesson since my daughter erased my first novel off my Brothers Word Processor. I'm a slow learner so I figure I've probably got a few more panic attacks in my future. But for now.... I alllllll good! 

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