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I've taken another leap of faith... or should I say imagination this time and gone the route of having Three Truths published in book format through the POD-Amazon-Linked I've been hearing about it for some time and still I hesitated. When going the indiepub route I find that I sit on my decision longer than usual, mostly because I'm afraid to make the wrong jump. Was Createspace the right jump to make? Only time will tell.

The process is not unlike publishing through the KDP Dashboard (Kindle Direct Publishing). It walks you through the process and there are safeguards in place, such as being to opt-in-or-out of a professional editing service. I opted out since Three Truths has already been out there in print format in another incarnation as The Three Truths of Katie Talmadge. It was originally published through a small press that offered no distribution and little else. But again, that was a choice I made in the beginning of the pubbing part of my writing career. I tend to look at everything as a learning curve and this was one of those curves.

But as for Createspace I found the process fairly straight forward. It walks you through the whole process and gives a handy little check off system to make sure you don't miss any steps. There are optional sizes for your finished product.  I went with the 6x9 which makes for a nice trade paperback size. You want to make the most of your pages. Extra pages means extra cost that will get passed along to customer. Createspace does require that you purchase a proof copy of the book, but this can be a very good thing as I found a couple of formatting mistakes and choices that I wanted to change before the final.

For the cover I was given the choice of uploading an already formatted book cover, but since I had the front cover image, but not the entire book jacket format I decided to go with a customizable cover from their selection. This allowed me to use the great image that Sabrina's Digital Imagery created for me and create a back cover option that optimized the selling points for the book. I did come up with a longer blurb for this than the selling blurb that is required for most ebook sites. Be sure to pay attention to the image guidelines when you upload your image. It needs to be a certain size and file type for it to work. Play around with it for the best options.

Once all that was done and my proof approved it goes to the distribution channels. There are three options (all Amazon related) for free distribution and another three channels that can be had for $25. I opted out on the additional channels since this book had already been in print once before. Plus, being new to Createspace I wanted to see how the process went before coming up with the additional money.

So, the book is set and complete and the distribution channels picked. There are additional marketing options like bookmarks, postcards and sell sheets (also press releases and the like), but these are also available at an additional charge. Places like Vistaprint can do postcards and bookmarks for you at really good prices depending on your level of comfort at manipulating your images. It's all up to you.

Createspace gives your book a page on their site, but I don't see how there is much selling going on directly from their site. In 3-5 business days my print book should be available on Amazon directly. I'll let you all know how that progresses and whether this generates any sales. Until then, it is nice to have the option to hold my book in my own hot little hands. As nice as the convenience of ebooks are there is nothing like holding a book to ground you. But both are nice options when you need an escape.

Want to see how the Createspace page looks? Check it here.

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Michelle Libby/JIllian Hallowell said...

hey Teagan,

This page has been open on my computer for awhile now. I finished reading and wanted to tell you that I appreciate you taking the leap and sharing your experience with the readers. It's a learning curve for all of us. Some are braver than others.
I hope you're having success.

Michelle Libby

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