Memories of the missing | The Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram

Memories of the missing The Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram

Photo taken from Maine Sunday Telegram 02/05/2012
Cathy Marie Moulton's face is one I won't forget. But the catch is that I never actually met her. In fact, I was only 4 when she disappeared in 1971 in Jay, Maine. Up until about three years ago, I never knew the case existed. But once I did I knew I wouldn't forget her face.

It was New Years Day and I had a serious case of cabin fever. My husband wasn't feeling well, so I packed the kids into the Durango and set off on one of our famous road trips. I would just pick a direction and drive. I knew I wanted to go inland and North. Beyond that, I had no expectations. My daughter was riding shotgun, doing her homework in the car and my son was playing video games in the backseat. I was headed for Rumford area when we got the munchies and stopped at a small store near a bend in the road. The first thing I noticed was that a man had driven his tractor to the store to fill it up. The second thing I noticed was the flyer stuck to the door of the store. I remember looking at it and instantly realizing that I was seeing a picture from the past. The hairstyle, the format of the picture and the clothes she was wearing all gave clues to her age. It wasn't until I read the flyer that I realized that Cathy was missing and she'd been missing for quite some time.

As I made my way back to my car I had a hundred different thoughts running through my head. Who was she? What had she been doing? And where was she now? I remember looking at my own kids and trying to understand what it must be like to wonder where your child is.

As I writer, there were many times in all these years that I struggled with the idea of putting a story like Cathy's to paper. Not in an effort to detract from the real victims, but to perhaps, make someone remember.

Cathy Moulton is only one of those missing in the article. Each family has it's own story. Their own hopes and fears. If there is someone out there with information for these families they should come forward. Peace of mind is a balm for the soul. I wish all of these families to find peace and the answers they need.

As for me? I won't forget you, Cathy.


Lina Gardiner said...

Very compelling, and heartwrenching, Teagan. Maybe your blog will help in some way.

Kevin Cady said...

The book about Cathy Moulton is being published.

Kevin Cady said...

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