Judging a Book by the Cover

I'd love to say that it isn't done. That covers don't make or break the sale of a good book. But frankly, in this digital age there is more focus on the covers then ever before. And when the covers are good, they can make a book a bestseller. But when they are bad, they can relegate the book to obscurity.

We are a nation of impatient consumers. Everything you buy now is marketed toward catching your eye in a millisecond. As the Internet speeds up, phones and other media devices get faster and more efficient, and the time that people have to actually sit and read a book decreases, we have even less time to make an impact and intrigue the reader enough to buy the book.

For a long time I've pondered the need for a new cover for Three Truths. The evolution of this books has seen a covers that didn't work, despite the wonderful story it really does portray. But despite the fact that I knew it needed a new cover I had to wait until the opportunity came along to have just the right person create just the right cover for my baby. It was total luck that I found out that my friend Sabrina had opened her own digital imagery business. Sabrina is an author, mother, wife, and a darned good artist. And just for me she created the cover of my dreams for Three Truths. (Sabrina will be visiting the blog very soon!)

Want to see the evolution of a cover? This is the perfect way to understand the way imagery creates a visceral reaction in the decision to buy your book. Each cover was the best that could be done at that time, but neither ever offered the right amount of homage to the fairytale story. Want to buy the book now? The link is on the right side of the page.  :)

The was the original cover for the original book. It had a different title then and was published through an ebook publisher. It was my first sale and I was very excited, but looking back I know that the book did little to help sales. This is the one that my friends and I refer to as the infamous "goat-cat" cover.

This cover is a disaster of my own making. At the time, I was repubbing it as an ebook and learning the process on my own. I wanted nothing to do with any human aspect on the cover after the "goat-cat" cover and I didn't have the money to get a new professional cover for the book. The sales were less than good. (Is there a less than good that isn't horrible?) Either way, if were the consumer I would have no idea what the book was about or how great the story was. I wouldn't have bought it so why would I expect anyone else to buy it either?

So now I am happy dancing at the wonderful cover that Sabrina created for me. There aren't enough ways for me to thank her for the work she did. She understood what I wanted and was patient (always good with me) and she got my dreams for the cover.

Thank you Sabrina!


Pam Champagne said...
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Pam Champagne said...


Teagan Oliver said...

Thank you Pam! I'm about three feet off the ground with this cover. It's like seeing your baby all dressed up to go to her first big dance!

Susan Vaughan said...

Fascinating post about the difference a good cover can make. I do love the new cover. Hope it helps bring you new and big sales for this lovely story.

Diane said...

Beautiful cover. Finally a cover this book deserves!

Here's hoping your sales skyrocket!!!


Nina Pierce said...

What a gorgeous cover, Teagan! It definitely better portrays the story! I hope it goes out and finds you all kinds of new readers for this wonderful romance!

Judi said...

Oh, Teagan. It's a gorgeous cover. And you're right. People do judge a book by it's cover and it can translate into sales.

Teagan Oliver said...

Thanks to all who took the time out to enjoy my new cover with me!! I'm still so excited that I can't believe it's truly mine. I owe it all to Sabrina. She did a wonderful job with my ideas and ran with them to create the stunning cover.

Megan said...

GREAT cover! Interesting evolution from the original to this one. Sabrina's is by far the best.

Isis Rushdan said...

I haven't read the Savvy Authors loop in a while. Been far too busy. So glad I did today. What a DIFFERENCE in the cover!!! The new one is awesome.

Wishing you many happy sales.

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