Hot and Heavy for another BIAW

I don't know where the time went, but it's once again time for BIAW (or Book in a Week) Challenge. I'm not sure why I thought that doing this 2 weeks before my daughter leaves for college was a good idea. But I knew that if I could persevere and get at least a few pages down I'd be all the better for it.

For those of you that aren't familiar with it you can read my last post. (Since I evidently haven't posted since last month. Shame on me.) But to put it in a nutshell... every month at they host a writing challenge. For a nominal, one-time fee you sign up and post a challenge goal for the amount of pages you expect to accomplish from Monday through Sunday. Then, everyday you check in and post your totals for the day. It's all about accountability and competitiveness, even if it's only competitive with yourself. There is also the sense of support in that you see others taking on the challenge and struggling to meet your goals. It's worth it. Some writing chapters offer their own version of this kind of challenge. My own chapter has an ongoing program. But I found that I kind of like the chance to branch out and meet others that are struggling as well.

So, anyone out there up to the challenge? BIAW will be having another one next month and I can guarantee that I'll have just as many roadblocks in the way then. But I do know that I finally found a way to stay challenged when the only competition is myself!

Happy Writing everyone!

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