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Writing from the Dark Side

Heh! I started out calling this blog post "Blogging from the Darkside" and then went to "Writing from the Darkside" and then went on to finally arrive at "Pubbing from the Darkside".  This little tidbit of information should be able to give you a little hint over what has been happening at the Oliver Homestead since I last posted.

Big News! I am part of a great collaboration with a collection of Writers who decided that if a romance book should be done, it should be done by us! Hence, the beginning of what is now know as Welcome to Serenity Harbor, Maine.

This is huge! This is ginormous! All of the books are set around the fictional coastal Maine town of Serenity Harbor. We didn't limit genre, only that their characters fall in love in Maine.

For me, this was a return to something that I love... well, yes... it was a return to writing. I've blogged a little bit about some of my struggles with illness that left with being unable to write for a whi…

My Adventure: Week-in-a-Book

It was born completely out of my frustration at lack of writing. I'd love to say that I've been doing a ton of it, but frankly, that'd be lying. I did know going into this year it would be tough for me to get any writing done, but I truly thought I'd accomplish more than I have. And then, I happened across Book-in-a-Week.

The idea is simple. Sign up at least a week in advance (pay a small, one time fee of $3 via paypal) and give an estimated guess as to how many pages you can write from Monday to Sunday. It can be as little as 10 pages and as many as you think you're capable of writing. I lowballed my guess by saying 10 pages, but I really had wonderful intentions of blowing that guess out of the water.

On Monday, you start off with a bang and write to your hearts content. It's best to do a little pre-work, figure out where you want to go and then jump in with both feet. By Tuesday morning you need to post to BIAW's forum with your total for Monday... the…