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Writing from the Dark Side

Heh! I started out calling this blog post "Blogging from the Darkside" and then went to "Writing from the Darkside" and then went on to finally arrive at "Pubbing from the Darkside".  This little tidbit of information should be able to give you a little hint over what has been happening at the Oliver Homestead since I last posted.

Big News! I am part of a great collaboration with a collection of Writers who decided that if a romance book should be done, it should be done by us! Hence, the beginning of what is now know as Welcome to Serenity Harbor, Maine.

This is huge! This is ginormous! All of the books are set around the fictional coastal Maine town of Serenity Harbor. We didn't limit genre, only that their characters fall in love in Maine.

For me, this was a return to something that I love... well, yes... it was a return to writing. I've blogged a little bit about some of my struggles with illness that left with being unable to write for a whi…

Multiculturalism for Steampunk: FF: Be Not Afraid of Color!

I've forwarded this along for viewing... If for no other reason then to view the wonderful works of art. But don't miss the wonderful talk about the use and SCIENCE behind the use of color in clothing. I learned a lot and it's a beautiful way to start of a Monday morning. Enjoy.

Multiculturalism for Steampunk: FF: Be Not Afraid of Color!: "Turkish caftan 19th century (Alain Turong) I know I'm due for a recipe or tutorial post, but I was feeling particularly clever tonight (..."

Writing Gothic Romance: 70's Romance to Current Trend

The first romances I was allowed to buy were a series of Gothic romances by Katherine Kimbrough. Their covers all featured the heroine staring up at a castle with one light lit and all with suitably suspenseful. Ironically, they were all centered around the forbidden romance, but they were not shelved with romance in my hometown store. This didn't make any sense to me, but it eased my mother's mind since she really didn't want her 12-year-old reading romance. They certainly read like romance and contained all the trademarks of the romances that the late 70's (maybe minus the sex). Romances authors like Victoria Holt and Phyllis A. Whitney were doing so well with their ominous tales of plucky, virginal heroines who found themselves stranded on the moor in front of a castle. And, somehow, the plucky heroine always persevered to overcome her fears and face not only the ghostly figure that followed her, but gain the love of the stoic master of the house who was so haunted …

In honor of the past.

Yesterday was the 150th anniversary of the firing on Fort Sumter, an event that signaled the start of the Civil War. It took 4 years and countless lives by the end and created a new nation that was entrenched in recovering and moving forward from the chaos and turmoil of an event that has never been eclipsed on American soil, thank goodness. Most paranormal investigator have a love and respect for the past that goes hand-in-hand with our respect for the people that lived that past. You cannot go unaffected by the sheer number of casualties or the determination to continue in conflict. May we never forget our past... Lest we are doomed to repeat it.

FACT: in 1862, at the battle of Antietam, the 7th Maine Regiment went into the battle with over 170 men. After an hour there were less than in their ranks.