Three Truths, Kindles and the eBook Revolution

I admit it. THREE TRUTHS has been up for sale on Amazon's Kindle store for awhile now. But I was slow to movement to put up previously pubbed works in ebook format to give them another opportunity for enticing readers. This book never quite got the attention that I wanted. It's a wonderful Cinderella-esque story that weaves in a tale of rebirth in both the heroine (Katie) and the hero's (Simon) lives. It talks about taking chances, even when they make us uncomfortable and about believing that there is more out there then we can see.

Kind of like the whole ebook revolution.

The term "revolution" as I use it here is probably not appropriate the change in publishing's collective thinking and the steady stream of authors who are now offering, and finding a venue, for those beloved works that are collecting dust on the back shelves of our internal hard drive. There is definitely a feel of ebracing the unknown when we get into epublishing. There is a whole complete learning curve for both writers and readers to conquer when it comes to changing the way that they think about feeding their need for a good story. I've been in publishing long enough to know that this "revolution" has been a long time coming. Could we ignore it? I seriously doubt it. You'd have to be living in a cave to be able to ignore the fact that more and more readers are making the transition daily to the ebook format, Kindle or otherwise. Even I have tried to read on my iTouch, but frankly, I wouldn't suggest it to anyone in need of glasses. The print requires a larger format to read. My friends fall into two groups, those that have made the transiton to ebook reader and those that still prefer the feel of paper beneath their fingertips.

Obviously, it's here to stay. Even a giant like Harlequin has embraced the ebook transition and offer their categories in the format. That's good news for all those writers whose books had a short shelf life in the printed form. And for authors, this means that there is a chance for an almost instantaneous satisfaction for those who read your books and want to read the rest of what you have written. Instant gratification, devoted readership... and hopefully new life and increased sales for writers. The ebook revolution is here to stay.

Just a reminder, if you want to read about romance and magic with heart you can download THREE TRUTHS at Amazon's Kindle Store for only $1.99. I call that a good deal.

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