Linear Thought Process

I know for a fact that there are writers out there that are capable of writing in a straight line. I'm not one them. In fact, there is very little about my entire thought process that can be deemed "straight-forward" or, even (gasp), logical. I try with the best of them to work to expectation, but frankly, I've always pretty much been an "out of chaos comes order" kind of girl. And, after almost 17 years of writing I don't see this changing anytime soon. But the lesson for me is always the same, no matter how many time I try to change my modus operandi... Stay true to myself and my convoluted methods. They have worked for me in the past and will continue onward from here. So, if your looking for logical and rational you'll have to go someplace else. I'll be the one buried under a pile of thoughts and ideas and working to bring order out of the chaos.

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