Linear Thought Process

I know for a fact that there are writers out there that are capable of writing in a straight line. I'm not one them. In fact, there is very little about my entire thought process that can be deemed "straight-forward" or, even (gasp), logical. I try with the best of them to work to expectation, but frankly, I've always pretty much been an "out of chaos comes order" kind of girl. And, after almost 17 years of writing I don't see this changing anytime soon. But the lesson for me is always the same, no matter how many time I try to change my modus operandi... Stay true to myself and my convoluted methods. They have worked for me in the past and will continue onward from here. So, if your looking for logical and rational you'll have to go someplace else. I'll be the one buried under a pile of thoughts and ideas and working to bring order out of the chaos.

Steampunk Anyone?


If steampunk has a mission, it is, in part, to restore a sense of wonder to a technology-jaded world.  ~

Ruth La Ferla, New York Times

Steampunk Moves Between Two Worlds - New York Times

This is a link to an online article from The New York Times from May 8, 2008.


I hadn’t been at the RWA National Conference in Washington for long before I heard the word that was circulating with both enthusiastic jubilation and awed murmurs. Steampunk. The “hot” “new” thing in romance fiction. The thing is… it’s not new, at least not to fiction. Steampunk in one form or another has been around for quite some time. Steampunk is most often set in the Victorian Era and have an esthetic of the time period, but they incorporate steam powered gadgetry to rival today’s machinery. There are goggles, airships and corsets. Suzanne Lazear, author and teacher of a recent Steampunk Workshop, described it as “Jules Vern on crack”. But even this may be too broad a term for a genre that ranges from dystopian empires to Victorian clockwork menageries. There are vampires and time travel and alternate realities. And there is dieselpunk, gaslight and Young Adult Epic Adventures. In fact, there are just as many ways to describe it as there are facets to the genre.

What to do some research of your own? Check out these links…

Or check out some of these authors…

Cherie Priest
Gayle Carriger
Scott Westerfield

There are many more not mentioned above. It is worth the time of browsing the shelves of your local bookstore or online shelves to check out the latest and greatest.

Best wishes and good reading ~

Lobster ports create Christmas trees — from traps - Yahoo! News

 Just in case you think we have nothing to do in our off time here in Maine… Or that we lack a competitive nature… the story of the 50 ft lobster trap tree will prove everyone wrong.  Read ‘em and wheep… or at least get a good chuckle out of it.
Lobster ports create Christmas trees — from traps - Yahoo! News

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