Mystery Monday

Today I'm bringing my love to my love of mystery. Last week, my daughter's English class took a trip to Newport, Rhode Island. And, because she's such a sweetie, she couldn't resist bringing me back a book that she found by John T. Brennan called Ghosts of Newport, Spirits, Scoundrels, Legends and Lore.

In Ghosts of Newport, Mr. Brennan gives us a detailed tour of some of Newport's most fascinating locations. His love for Newport and his background as a tour guide make this book a quick and interesting read and had me wanting to make the 4 hour trip to see the locations in person. In short, he wrote this book with the same kind of voice and passion that I've been trying to instill in my own non-fiction book. And it shows.

He covers the more well known locations of The Breakers, Beechwood, and The White Horse Tavern (The oldest in the U.S.). But he also covers some fascinating history of gravestone carving and the legend of the Palatine.

Like local legends and lore? Check out Ghosts of Newport... it's worth the read.

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