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I was listening to a podcast tonight that covered reincarnation from the Pair a Normal Guys. It was an interview with Rebecca Anne Locicero who is a psychic medium. I tune in quite often to these podcast since I find them great inspiration for myself and my writing. But this interview touched something in me about the recurring themes in my own life.

I've already talked about grief. But one of the things that I have really talked much about are the impossible connections that have been made in my life. If I'd ever been a skeptic when it came to fate then these instances in my life have made me a believer. My theory has always been that we are brought into this life to learn lessons and that if we don't learn those lessons then we are "doomed" to repeat them. I also believe that there are those people who we will make a connection with despite all obstacles because they are meant to be in our lives. This is much about what Rebecca touched on in her interview.

If you read my stories I have a tendency to add family secrets into the stories. Not because I think that they are essential to a story, but because this is what I grew up with. There were so many secrets in my family that it's a wonder they didn't buckle under the weight of them. Some of them were mentioned in whispers because my mother insisted that certain people didn't need to know our business. The worst part was that none of these secrets was enough to damage anyone. But by making them secrets they were given the power to change, interrupt and even impair our lives. By keeping up a good front those secrets became the "ghost" in the room. It was there for holidays, birthdays and just plain old everydays.

I've been thinking a lot about writing books that I call "genuine". This is going to sound as if I'm knocking the work of other writers and I'm truly not. But the stories that resonate, that touch the soul are the ones that are "genuine" and "true". The good, the bad and the sometimes tragic are all presented realistically. May I always be able to write a "genuine" book. And may they always resonate with hope. Because without hope even the "genuine" would become boring and everyday.

I've skipped a round a bit on this post, but there are a few nuggets of inspiration here. I hope you can discern from my rambling and that they give you a bit of guidence both in life and writing.

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