Sunday Night Detour

For some reason, Sunday nights for me are a time to follow my muse... or inspiration... or just downright eccentricities and see what kind of odd things I can research. Tonight, it's cows... to be more specific Scottish Highland Cattle.

I have no idea why they came to mind, but I came to the sudden conclusion that I wanted to photograph one. There used to be some in Freeport, but hubby has informed me that they are no longer there. (Actually, it was more like "They've been gone for years. Where have you been.") Anyway, I went on a search for Scottish Highland Cattle in Maine and came up some interesting stuff.

First, they generally don't use them for milk. Apparently, they can be a bit temperamental and touchy about the task of milking. That doesn't mean that it can't be done, but I'm not sure how many brave souls there are out there that are up to the task.

From there I went to see sites like They have incredible pictures of the cows and show the different colors that can be bred. I also liked their pages on the chickens, but that's for another detour.

According the Maine Highland Cattle Association website, they believe the breed came from the Western Isles and Highlands of Scotland (Ironically, so did part of my family). They have short legs and deep frames (again, like most of the males in my family) and they vary in colors from black, white, brindle and dun, but the most common is red. (Hmmm, grampy had red hair). They can also withstand extreme weather and have two layers of hair to shed water and retain heat. With the uttmost respect I have copied a list of their attributes from the Maine Highland Cattle Association site:
•Quiet, docile disposition
•Thrift and ease of management
•Adaptable to Maine and northern New England's terrain and climate
•Disease resistant
•Productivity and ease of calving
•Therapeutic value
•Picturesque physical appearance
•Lean, low-cholesterol beef
There's enough there to sell a lot of people on raising the beautiful beast. However, I'm not sure my town ordinance will allow for the new pet. In the meantime, I'm going to have rethink the whole keeping chickens thing... enjoy...

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