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Forgive the lack of blogging for the past week, but I've been in Tax Hell trying to get things set for the deadline. That doesn't mean that I haven't thought about writing, but nothing truly makes me want to write more than knowing that there is something much more important to be done. It's not been a total loss. I did work quite in a bit in my dirty work journal and discovered that I still have a few holes to fill. In the meantime, I thought I'd share a fabulous blog post that I ran across today...

Confessions of a Mystery Novelist: They Aren't Really "Cookie Cutter" Murderers...

Ms. Kinberg talks about a particularly intriguing topic, murders who are not the horrifying stereotypical killers we expect. Instead, she refers to the ones she calls "the unassuming personality". They appear congenial, even non-threatening in their demeanor. Hardly a worthy oponent? Many writers would say that they are worthy, even for such illustrious writers as Christie... it's a way to tap into the "killer next door".

How many times have you seen the interviews after the murders, the ones where the people surrounding the suspect all tell how "normal" they appeared. In many ways, that appearance of the normal is more horrifying because it could be anybody, anyone you pass on the street, or speak to in the grocery store. Anyone.

In my workshop that I gave at RWA Nationals last summer I talk about making believable Anti-heroes. In many ways, the startling realization that tortures the reader is that the normal conditions of life hide insidious secrets. And the realization that given the right... or wrong... circumstances... or choices we are all a step away from being in the place of that particular character. By creating characters that mirror our own morals and characteristics we can create characters that entice and chill.

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