Mystery Monday

In my search to find great information on writing mysteries I've come across quite a few fantastic blogs. Today, in honor of Mystery Monday I'm going to share a few of my favorites.

The Kill Zone - This one touts 7 top mystery and thriller authors and they carry through on their claims. Claire Langley-Hawthorne, Katherine Lilley, Joe Moore, Michelle Gagnon, John Gilstrap, John Ramsey Miller and James Scott Bell. They continue to amaze me with their up-to-date and in-depth information on all aspects of the genre and writing.
The Blood Red PencilWith a host of incredible authors, Blood Red Pencil works with the combined knowledge of some fantastic (and might I add prolific) authors. Look for posts by Charlotte Phillips, Dani Greer, Elsa Neal, Heidi Thomas, Helen Ginger, Kathryn Craft, L.J. Sellers , Linda Lane, Maryann Miller, Morgan Mandel, Patricia Stoltey and Shon Bacon. In February they featured articles on such topics as grammar, editing, continuity and social media... just to name a few. Expect to spend extra time reading their previous posts. It's worth it.
Make Mine Mystery- This blog is made up a great host of authors including Robert W. Walker, Mark Troy, Tony Burton, Marilyn Meredith, Ben Small, Vivian Zabel, Libby McKinmer, Earl Staggs, Marvin D. Wilson, Jean Henry Mead, Christine Duncan, Dana Fredsti, Morgan Mandel, Chester D. Campbell and Austin S. Camacho. I am always enlighted and sometimes surprised by their great takes on writing, promotion and just daily life.
Mysteries and My Musings - They have great interviews including this week's interview with Diane Stuckart who writes both mysteries and historical romance. She's also giving doing a great giveaway this week.

I hope you enjoy the links I've offered. If you enjoy their posts then take a moment to let them know by commenting and passing on the links. If you know of any great blogs you would like to see included on my Mystery Monday you can let me know at

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Thanks, Teagan- we always appreciate your comments on the blog, glad it's helpful!

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