Going Kindle with Three Truths

Three Truths

Three Truths was formerly published through Wings ePress as The Three Truths of Katie Talmadge. After much consideration over finding it a good second home I decided to put it on Kindle. I did this after listening to a discussion from a few mystery authors on the Murder Must Advertise list about finding homes for their darlings.

The set up was harmless and the experience relatively easy. I did create a new cover for the book since the last was designed by the previous publishing house. The cost is $1.99 for a download. Reasonable I think for a story with such heart. If you have a Kindle or download to your computers you can follow the links I've provided to check it out.  I hope Three Truths finds it's way into your heart as much as it did to mine.

Magic, destiny and fate… Katie Talmadge has had her fill of all three while living in Salem, Massachusetts. Now, she wants nothing more than her little flower shop to occupy her life. But when a mysterious woman promises to change her life with three fateful truths, Katie begins to believe in magic that can only come from the heart. Simon Thorton knows his aunt is crazy for enlisting his help with guiding Katie. He’s perfectly content with his antiques and his memories of his deceased wife. But fate and his aunt have their own plans for him when he begins to look beyond the past and look forward to the future… a future with Katie.

Buy the Kindle edition at Amazon.com

P.S. If you already own Three Truths I'd love it if you would leave a comment on Amazon to let others know what you think of it and thank you to all for your support.

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