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Sleuths unravel 16th-century Italian murder mystery - Yahoo! News:
"Sleuths unravel 16th-century Italian murder mystery"

One of the things that truly fascinates me is when new technological advances can possibly be used to solve old cases. In this case, it's being used to find the clues behind a 16th century murder.

In 1563, Baroness Laura Lanza and her lover were murdered, their bodies buried in a common grave below the local church. The case has never been completely forgotten and now, along with an urging from the mayor of Carini, Italy, they are hoping that modern technology will help solve the case.

Could we truly solve a case where all involved have been gone for centuries? They are betting that science can clear the case. Science along with a little supernatural help. Supernatural help? Surely not? But if you read the last paragraph of this article you will see that even modern science is hoping to have a little help from beyond...

"Several years ago we tested areas of the castle we knew the Baroness lived in with electromagnetic field meters, and the results were very strange," La Fata said. "In certain rooms it was as if there were ghosts in the castle, as if the murdered Baroness lives on."

If the Italians can see a possible corrolation between the advances in scientific advances and advances in the parapsychology field to find long forgotten clues, then maybe we have a chance of opening up a whole new world of the unknown.

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