Taphophile. Not a dirty word...

Hello, my name is Teagan and I'm a Taphophile. No. Don't panic. It's not as bad as it sounds. Contrary to popular belief, it is not necrophilia. It is, however, an addiction of my own choosing. A taphophile is a person who loves cemeteries. (Also, they usually have a fondness for funerals, but frankly, I don't fit into that characteristic.) Usually, the addiction manifests itself into someone who spends inordinate amounts of time on cemetery crawls, looking for fascinating stones and revelling in the history. For myself, this addiction led to paranormal investigating. After all, it's fairly hard to explain why you like to walk through old cemeteries as a way of tension relief or just sheer curiosity.
There are entire websites devoted to Taphophiles. Sites like Taph.com and Yahoo list groups such as Gravestones. For myself, the addiction started when I was searching for my ancestors in the local cemeteries. I began to realize that there were so many out there that no longer had anyone to take care of the plots. There are entire cemeteries that are fading into the landscape as they become forgotten. I'm determined that those people not be forgotten. The stones themselves are a link to the past with history and characteristics that reflect the person. The sheer siz and material used usually reflected the wealth and status of the occupant. A particular cemetery near where I grew up has quite a few stones that have a hand pointing upward. After researching it I found that it was often used to signify the path or righteousness. The way home or ascension to Heaven. Want to know what certain stone carvings represent? Check out Grave Addiction. Want to know more? All you have to do is Google to find all you could ever need to know. And in the meantime... My name is Teagan, and I'm a Taphophile.

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