The Hunt for Clues

Last week I wrote about doing the "dirty work". Now, more than ever, I'm beginning to realize that by not doing this "dirty work" I'm cutting myself short. I'm not giving myself the opportunity to write a fully realized story. Every single time that I've sat down to write a story and had it fall flat I know that it's because I failed to write a fully evolved story. Either the motivation of the characters is unrealistic or even uncharacteristic. Or the there isn't enough conflict to fully sustain the storyline.

The same could be said in my hunt for clues. Many times I have no idea that something that I've written will become a clue for the story. But when I come to a point that I know the characters motivation is lagging I know that I also haven't given the characters enough to work with, either emotionally or physically. The story I'm currently working has two murders, one old and one new and they mirror each other. I won't go into details about it, but I've been wanting to play with the idea that an old murder can be solved because of the efforts put into a new murder. The other large part of this story is secrets, tons of them. Everyone's got them and frankly, keeping them straight is beginning to be a task. So, this is where the "dirty work" comes into play. I MUST log everything as I go along, all the clues, all the secrets, all the details that could prove fruitful for the storyline. So, when I get to end I can wrap up all the details and settle all those clues.

I'm off to do more "dirty work".

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