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-- Publishers Weekly, 1/8/2010 11:41:00 AM

Kensington Publishing has appointed Alicia Condon to succeed the late Kate Duffy as editorial director of Brava Books. The announcement was made Friday by Laurie Parkin, v-p and publisher of Kensington who called Condon’s appointment the next step in the evolution of Brava. Condon “will be in a terrific position to move the existing program forward and define its future as she leads it in new directions and nurtures its new talents,” said Parkin.

During her career Condon helped to launch Silhouette Desire, and for the past 24 years she has headed up the editorial team at Dorchester Publishing, where, among other accomplishments, she created the Love Spell line of paranormal romances. She will report to John Scognamiglio, editor-in-chief of Kensington.

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