Doing the dirty work...

I was shamed into it really. I read a recent blog post from someone who had been asked by a teacher to show the work that she puts into her YA mysteries that she writes. It was an attempt to show a student that the prep work is beneficial to getting the best story possible. The author had laid out all of the work and graphs that she'd created in her attempt to create a plausible and fulfilling story and photographed them for the posting.

It was then that I realized that the reason my story was floundering was because I hadn't done the dirty work.
I've been doing research online and talking with many who have experience in the psychiatric field, but I hadn't gotten down to putting the reasonings of the characters to paper. I started with the old standby, a GMC, or Goal, Motivation and Conflict chart and I did one for each of the main characters. I then went back and started with the murders in the story. After all, they are the reasoning that pulls them all together and gives them a common goal. But it wasn't until I put the information side by side that I began to see the mirroring in the story. I'm still working on the dirty work. There's lots to be done before this story can even truly begin. But this is what is going to make it strong. The story is all about what happens when the secrets overwhelm us and become the controlling factor in our lives. But secrets have a way of coming to the surface, whether we want them to or not. I want to show what happens when they can no longer be denied.

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