Blog Envy

I've got it.

I normally peruse quite a few blogs when given the chance. Mostly I read author blogs, usually ones that involve mystery or romance authors. But every once in awhile I come across a blog that really "WOWS" me.

This week it was Desperately Seeking My Inner Mary Poppins.

This blog works on so many levels. First, the writing is good. Any authors out there looking for a little bit of that sense that someone else understand our insanity will get it by reading Mary Beth's posts. (more...)
Then there is the awesome design. This really sparked my envy. I was immediately hooked by the colors and the theme. I immediately asked her who had designed it and found that she and her husband had come up with the design.

She's got links to all the usual suspects, Twitter, Facebook, etc. But the theme is carried on my the great little Mary Poppins icons and catchy titles that she uses. If you want to know how to read more about her work there is a way to do easily.

After that first bit of envy had departed I quickly realized that there were so many people I wanted to tell about her blog. So, here it is...

Want to see an example of a really great blog? Check it out for yourselves...

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