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Having faith isn't about getting what you think you want immediately. It's about holding onto that faith until it's the right time for what you need to be received.

This is my quote... It's something that I try to live by. I'm not an overtly religous person, but I do consider myself to be spiritual. And for me spirituality and faith go hand in hand. So, what does this have to do with writing?

Without faith in anything your characters will have little true motivation to spur them forward. If you think about all the things that we throw at our characters, giving them all possible hurdles to overcome then it needs to be balanced by a faith that will carry them through the rough times. The same with people. We all experience rough patches in our lives, times when you wonder what it was that made someone paint a bullseye on you. But if you have faith then you can move forward. Faith in anything even miniscule will grow and thrive and give you rope that you need to pull yourself forward.

So, I'm still asking what my characters religous background is... but I'm tempering that by a belief system that is based on spirituality. I've known men in my life who go to church every Sunday out of obligation, but their spirituality comes from the time that they are on the water, that sense of being that comes from deep within them.

Just what is it that gives your characters faith? And how deep do you have to take them before it is challenged?


Anonymous said...
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Morgan Mandel said...

I allow my protanists to have faith, not only the spiritual kind, but also faith in their abilities, their fellow men, etc. My antagonists wallow around, bent on fulfilling selfish goals.

Morgan Mandel

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