RWA Prep...

Phew! So, far today I've been going around and around working on getting things done for my trip to RWA in DC starting Sunday.

So far today...
I spent 1 1/2 hours at WalMart getting the oil changed in my car.
Drove my daughter to Borders to get a book for her summer homework (not RWA related, but still running.)
Drove said daughter to work (and picked her up and drove her to driver's ed)Arghhh!
Packed my suitcase.
Bought my toiletries for the trip. Gotta have that allergy med.
Found my shoes in the bottom of the closet and in my daughter's room (big surprise).
Glued my shoe (again... thanks to daughter).
Put together the Maine RWA basket. I'd post a pic, but too wiped.
I know there's more, but frankly... I can't remember it.

I know when I pull out of the driveway on Sunday morning at 5am there will be things I've forgotten. But right now... I don't care...

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