Reflections on the RWA Conference

I'm back. After the long drive back to Maine I have had a good sleep in my own bed and coffee from my own coffee maker (Yeah!). I owe my husband greatly for holding down the fort and doing a fantastic job of keeping up with the kids while I was gone. I couldn't have made it without him.

I thought I would take this moment to go over a few things that I learned at National conference. I'll start with the Leadership seminar that I attended with Delsora Lowe on behalf of the Maine RWA chapter.
  • We are a professional organization, and as such, we need to remember that our actions represent more than Maine RWA. They reflect RWA. Whether are a part of the chapter because we chose to be a part of a larger organization, or we only seek to be with people who share our interest we need to remember that we are a "professional" organization.
  • Following proper protocal is important. Not only does it give us a proper operating proceedure, but it provides a frame work to both cover our butts and the opportunity to grow our chapter. I realized by talking to other representatives that Maine RWA is not alone in our struggles. And while our membership level keeps us within the smaller chapter range, that doesn't excuse us for acting anything other than professionals.

There is so much more and Delsora and I came back from the meeting charged and full of ideas. We'll be putting our ideas together when we get Delsora back from her current tour.

I attended some great workshops. I gave a workshop. For me the conference started more after I gave my workshop because I was so nervous. My thanks to all who were so supportive of me and made it such a positive situation. I have a few workshops that I'm hoping to download and listen to again. Maybe I'll be more coherant this time.

Literacy Signing...
It was incredible to be a part of something so huge. I loved watching the people, meeting the people and being a part of the whole thing. Thank you to Kate Walker for being so kind and lovely. It was wonderful to have the opportunity to meet in person. It was crazy and chaotic and wonderful. And I'm glad I was part of it...

I'll have more. I'm still digesting it all. I also came back ready and set to go back to work. I was actually able to write some during the conference and that was nice as well. Now, it is time to put all of the great ideas that I received to work.

Thank you to all who helped make RWA National Conference 2009 a great success and a wonderful experience.

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