An observation from RWA National 2009

I confess... I signed up late for the Librarian/Bookseller Networking event. I didn't have time to send in my stuff because I was so late. I will also confess that I suck when it comes to networking. I get so nervous and self-conscious in those type of situations. But I will tell you about some observations I made at the event...

1. I saw a lot of authors, not a lot of Booksellers or Librarian with tags. Of course, I may have hit it at the wrong time or just not noticed all together.
2. There was a lot of grouping. I've already confessed that these things make me nervous, but to go into a situation like this where people are already grouped off. There should be someone at this who's function is to facilitate and make people feel welcome. Maybe introduce them around if they need it...
3. I saw one author who was standing by her books and display who was talking to a bookseller/librarian about her work. She played it right. She gave them something to focus on and ask questions about. She gave them a reference point to her work and put a face to the name. Kudos to her...

I would love to hear what the librarians and booksellers have to say about the experience. Was it success for you? Did you feel comfortable with the setting? Do you have any suggestion on how this could be improved or were you happy the way it was?

So, I while I appreciate the chance to network, perhaps there are opportunities for both authors and RWA.

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Morgan Mandel said...

I've only been to one RWA National conference - the one that was right here in Chicago where I work.

I did get to pitch to agents and editors, which was a good perk.

I learned things from the workshops, traded business cards with other writers.

It was okay as conferences go, but I don't plan on taking a plane to get to any of the others. I usually go to the Love is Murder conference that's usually in a NW suburb of Chicago. 2010 they're not having one, but it will resume in 2011. I get more out of that one.
Morgan Mandel

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