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Start Time: Saturday, July 4, 2009 at 8:00pm
End Time: Sunday, July 19, 2009 at 3:00pm

I'm signing at RWA National's Literacy Signing on July 15 @ the Marriot Wardman Hotel, Washington DC. The proceeds are for a great cause, but the signing can be long when you aren't an A-List author. Help me fight my boredom by dropping by to say hi to me and putting your business card in for a drawing of a nifty giveaway bag! I'll be putting an item a day into the bag and since I'm pretty eclectic in what I do... the bag will be eclectic also. There are 2 ways to enter... 1. New to my Face Page? Friend me within the next 6 days (ends July 11) and I'll put you in the drawing.2. Already a Face Friend? Drop me a message and I'll include you in the drawing (good through July 20th).3. Drop by the signing and save me from boredom by saying hi and dropping your business card (or something with your name on it) into my little drawing bag. I'll be drawing the name out of the bag on July 20th.Want to know more about my books... or my ghosthunting... or just life in Maine in general? Drop me a message, a comment, or check out my website @ -- My writing blog is and my Paranormal blog is

List of goodies in the bag:
Day 1: Three Truths of Katie Talmadge by me!
Day 2: A lovely pair of Amethyst chip earrings from Mystic Harbor Designs.
Day 3: Grow your own Lucky Clover kit in honor of my blog With a Little Luck...
Day 4: Nope, not a gravestone... You get a copy of Stephen King's On Writing.
Day 5: A bunch of writer goodies! All the little things we love!
Day 6: A charm bracelet from Mystic Harbor Designs like the one in Three Truths...
Day 7: $10 Borders Gift Card!

I'm leaving in the morning for DC, but you can still enter. There's plenty of time. And don't forget to stop by and say hi to me at the conference! Safe travel to those who are attending and I hope you have a wonderful week to those who can't make it.

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