Bitten By Books

Haven't heard of them? Well, if you're a writer then I suggest you hop, skip and jump on over to the website @

Not writing paranormal? It doesn't matter because if you are an author there is plenty to learn about the art of promotion. I've never seen a more intensely focused promotional site then this one. Rachel is on facebook, twitter and every where else she can possibly be. She's out there
promoting all day (and most of the night sometimes) for authors with fantastic books.

I've gotten into several of the book releases and it's lead me to some great authors. Yasmin Galenorm, (who has some of the hottest covers out there. I'd say they're as good as the P.C. Cast covers at drawing people in), Sara Taney Humphreys and the list goes on and on. Even my friend Lina Gardiner is on the site. (Buy all of their books. They're fantastic). My only regret is that I didn't know about it when Three Truths came out. It would have been a much different experience.

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