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Writing from the Dark Side

Heh! I started out calling this blog post "Blogging from the Darkside" and then went to "Writing from the Darkside" and then went on to finally arrive at "Pubbing from the Darkside".  This little tidbit of information should be able to give you a little hint over what has been happening at the Oliver Homestead since I last posted.

Big News! I am part of a great collaboration with a collection of Writers who decided that if a romance book should be done, it should be done by us! Hence, the beginning of what is now know as Welcome to Serenity Harbor, Maine.

This is huge! This is ginormous! All of the books are set around the fictional coastal Maine town of Serenity Harbor. We didn't limit genre, only that their characters fall in love in Maine.

For me, this was a return to something that I love... well, yes... it was a return to writing. I've blogged a little bit about some of my struggles with illness that left with being unable to write for a whi…

Happy Father's Day...

This is my Dad. I've talked about my Mom a lot over the years, but I don't really think that I've given enough credit to all that my Dad has done for me. I could go on for days about all the little things that he has done to make sure that I had a good life. All the times that he went without to make sure that we had something that we wanted, or just something that he thought we would like. I could tell you about the encouragement and love that he offers up unconditionally and the fact that should I ever need him he would be there in a heartbeat. I could tell you all these things... well, maybe I already did, but there is so much more to my dad. He is a man who believes in what is just and right and that no person should go undefended. He believes that a good sense of humor can put a shine on any day and that there is nothing that can happen to you to that you can't get through. He's my biggest fan and probably the best promoting tool that I have! (him and my uncle…
Coming in July!

Stay tuned for the exciting details from the road!

Bitten By Books

Haven't heard of them? Well, if you're a writer then I suggest you hop, skip and jump on over to the website @

Not writing paranormal? It doesn't matter because if you are an author there is plenty to learn about the art of promotion. I've never seen a more intensely focused promotional site then this one. Rachel is on facebook, twitter and every where else she can possibly be. She's out there
promoting all day (and most of the night sometimes) for authors with fantastic books.

I've gotten into several of the book releases and it's lead me to some great authors. Yasmin Galenorm, (who has some of the hottest covers out there. I'd say they're as good as the P.C. Cast covers at drawing people in), Sara Taney Humphreysand the list goes on and on. Even my friend Lina Gardineris on the site. (Buy all of their books. They're fantastic). My only regret is that I didn't know about it when Three Truths came out. It would have…

Industry Talk: Indie vs Chain

There's been a lot of talk on one of the mystery writers list about Indies and Chain Stores. I confess, this is something very close to my heart. As a writer and as someone who wants to see my local economy come back from the hardship of the last few months, I have a vested interest in seeing any bookstore succeed. Here in Brunswick we recently lost our local Indie bookstore. I have a ton of memories wrapped up in that store. My parents idea of a good Friday night was to go to dinner and then go to the bookstore to see what was new in stock. I bought my Nancy Drew books there, my comics, my first romances... and Gothics.. and mysteries... I could go on and on. This store was also the hub for our writer's group. The store had graciously hosted us in their meeting room for years (in return, we bought more than our share of the great food from the cafe). It was sad to see it go. There has been a lot of talk that the new Borders in town was responsible for it's downfall. But I…