Queen of Time Sucks

Yup, that's right. I've given myself a new title... or in this case... crown. I have always said that the worst thing a woman can learn is how to be a multitasker. I have yet to see men who have as much of a problem with it as women. And I suspect that a great deal of the trouble has to do with guilt. Women always feel guilty that they haven't gotten more done. They worry that if they spend time on other things that the laundry will go undone and the dishes will stay in the sink. It becomes a badge of disgrace in a way. But only because most women judge themselves by how they think others will see them. (Please note: I am making VAST generalizations in the name of making a point). On any given day I have things that could easily occupy every second. I could find things to fill every moment. But at some point it becomes a detriment to my sanity. If I don't go on Facebook and keep up with my fellow reunion people and I stay away from Twittering about how much coffee I've had I could have that time to sit down and just breathe. I will learn to say "no" and not consider it a failure. I will learn that not everything is my responsibility to complete. And I will accept that I can't be everything to everyone... especially myself.

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