Totally off Topic: The Holiday

Never mind that I was mostly asleep when I saw this movie, my apprehension had nothing to do with my lack of sleep or the fact that I was waiting for my daughter to arrive back from her trip to New York and the midnight hour was fast approaching... My apprehension had to do more with the confluence of info I'd seen about the movie when it first came onto the screen. I had dismissed it as jus another chic flick. Another attempt to make a feel good movie that had little to do with lasting impression and more to do with showcasing some of the most noteable faces of the time.

I was wrong. I was going on preconceived notions.

Let me say, I loved the movie. I laughed more than I had in a very long time. It wasn't a breathtaking movie that stirred me to tears. More a quiet upheaval of ideas that twisted me into a deep contemplation of the movie. You see... I never just sit and watch anything. I'm always doing something else. Whether it's writing. Knitting. Making jewelry. I'm never just watching the TV. But I watched it last night. I was interested to see how they were going to take six well-known actors and mix them up and come out with a happy ending. And then, there's Jack Black. I'm a HUGE Jack Black fan. But I'd never thought of him as a romantic lead. He proved my preconceived ideas wrong. Very wrong. He was strong, and funny and real. A real hero in my book. As for Cameron Diaz, I've seen her do quite a few roles that left her loking like an emotional ditz. This one started out that way, but she was so much more. There was real growth in her character and Ms. Diaz showed it wonderfully! The same for Jude Law. I considered his character to be a reflection of as I saw him. When he introduced his two wonderful daughters and their magical tent... I melted. And lastly, Kate Winslet. The last time I watched a movie with her in it was Titanic. I loved her character. I loved her heart, her growth and the way she takes Arthur into her life. This was so much more than you see in other movies.
So, my preconceived notions disappeared like a pumpkin coach at midnight. And I'm looking for a DVD of the movie so I can watch it as much as I want. All is good.

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Anonymous said...

I have this movie. If you would like to borrow it on a permant basis, let me know, lol. I loved it too, and only watch it around Christmas for some reason, and if your looking for it, it yours! :)

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