For years, I've heard my fellow writers talk about the value of keeping various drafts of a manuscript. While not convinced, I must have somehow absorbed this idea into my psyche. And this time it paid off greatly. I'm in the final stages of adding pages to my last WIP and needed to write a scene that seemed... well... very familiar. After some thought I realized that I'd already written that scene when I first start writing the book. Only then, it was a prologue. After much searching of old disks I found a copy of it. It didn't fit perfectly, but it did work well after I revised it. Yeah! to me! So, see... Cannabalism is not always a bad thing.


Morgan Mandel said...

Sometimes it pays to be a saver - as long as you can find what you saved. Good for you!

Morgan Mandel

Teagan Oliver said...

Believe me, it was not small feat. I had renamed the book a couple different times and I actually wrote the book about five years ago. So getting back to that original scene was not easy. It also didn't help that I'd had two computer crashes since I started that book. It pays to back stuff up. Again and again and again. :)

JIllian Hallowell said...

That's great you were able to find it. It's hard to save every draft and every cut scene and remember where you put it and what you called it.

Hope all is going well.


Anonymous said...

Teagan, you really do have a way with words. Cannabalism, what a title, it was perfect for the subject. Many times I have been saved by the exact thing!

Teagan Oliver said...

Thanks, Sabrina. This time, it really saved my butt. It did tell me that I keep way too much stuff, though. I had lots of duplicates. I need a better system of keeping track of it.

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