Sad news

2 local fishermen dead in sinking of 'The Patriot'

This headline is from the Gloucester Times.
These are the headlines that many dread. Those words that speak to something that shatters the soul. Mine is not currently a fishing family, other than those years that my father hauled his own traps while I was growing up. My husband did the same. But there is fishing in my blood. My cousins, Grandfather, Great-Grandfathers and Great-Great Grandfathers all eeked a sometimes meager, often hard life from the ocean. I can't say that it isn't in my blood somewhere. It was enough in my father's blood that he went into the Coast Guard. But that still doesn't capture that feeling of panic that many of us feel when when we know that there is a crew and a boat in trouble. Or worse, lost.

My heart goes out to the families. My own ancesters are Gloucester stock and many of the bigger boats from Harpswell have gone to Gloucester now to fish. I'm convinced that sometimes the profession chooses the person, long before they can even comprehend it. They do it for more reasons than just that it's what they know and they grew up with. They do it because it's a part of themselves.

Again, please know that there are those of us out there who are heartbroken at your loss. Though our pain is no where as heavy a burden, our thoughts go out to your families in a timeless gesture of heart and hope.

Somewhere out there are angels watching over these men and women. May they all be blessed.


Morgan Mandel said...

Storms can come up so suddenly on the waters. It can be a dangerous business.

Morgan Mandel

Teagan Oliver said...

I agree, and most would argue that they know what they are getting into. But so many of them do what their fathers did before them and their grandfathers before them. They are a dying breed in Maine. Too many regulations,costs too high and the danger too much. When I was growing up most of the boys on the islands were set to follow in their father's footsteps. Now, they all move away. But the few that still take it on... they still do it because it's what they know. You can't tell I'm passionate about this... can you?

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