First thing first... Getting Ready for the New Year, part 1

The time when I start refocusing on the business side of my writing. Taxes. Getting Organized. Setting up a plan for the coming year. These are all just as important as setting goals for your writing. We consider ourselves professionals and as such we need to have a business plan (of sorts) in order to move forward. Just as our books get those "sagging middles" when we don't do enough plotting or planning, the same can be said for our writing careers.

1. Do you know which direction you want to go? This is important and probably one of the hardest ones to define. If you are like me then you have more than one project going at a time and that means a split focus. This is not to say it's bad, but you need to have a clear focus for each on which way you want to go. For instance:

Writing Work:
--I have a non-fiction book proposal to write. This is something that I've been actively collecting information for it.
--Rework the Romantic Suspense and submit. This, again, is something that has needed to be done, but with the holidays there was no way I could get it done.
--Rework the Paranormal Short, again, duh. Needs to be done.
--Finish a category short. (This is a fairly new goal.)

Business Goals:
--Write that non-fiction book proposal.
--Rework and find a way to have changing content and bring back people. Perhaps, blending blog with site as I did with
--Write another workshop and proposal.
--Organize, Organize, Organize.Find a better way to store my tax information. I have a really good spreadsheet to log in information, but I'm not always good about entering it. I need to have a better way of organizing myself and my information.
--Important: Treat myself as a professional. Treat my writing work as professional. Make sure that I am doing everything that I can to take it as seriously as I expect others to do. This includes the little things such as: carry business cards, promote books that are still out there, but not new. Continue to look for opportunities to advance career.

So, have you defined your goals for the upcoming year? You have to define them in order to set them. Make a list of what you really want and then define them into actual goals. You can do it. Go on. Let me know some of those things that you really want to accomplish in the upcoming year. I want to know.

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