Creating the Writer's Life, Part 4

We've talked about Intentions and Actions. We've looked at what we want and what is holding us back from what we want. We've even talked about setting long range goals. But today we are talking about... Creating the Results You Want.

My horoscope said "You are on a journey forward, but looking back is not a bad idea."

This was pretty prophetic for me. Not because I live my life ruled by words printed on a page, but because it cuts to one of my core beliefs. We all make choices in life, some good, some bad. But life is about choices and what you make from those choices. I've lost enough loved ones to know that looking back on life with regret is useless. It's done. Move forward. Learn from it. Did you reluctantly chose to change what you were writing because someone mentioned the market was looking for another genre? Only to find that by the time you got that book written the industry had changed again? Move on. But keep an eye to what worked and what didn't. I think the trick is to know what your faults are, but don't limit yourself by them. I've had my fair share of rejections, especially over the last year. But when I look back at them now I can see that the things that are mentioned in the rejections are consistent in all the others. These are things I can change in order to find my success.

So, lets talk about success...

Quote for the day: Success is a RELATIVE thing

And the only person it is relative to is you! If you find that you are happy writing the books that you do, then don't let anyone else tell you that you should be working on a different book. You know those goals that you wrote. Those are YOUR goals. Not someone else's. The only person who can truly say you are a success is yourself. Not your mother, brother, aunt or stranger on the street. There will always be someone who will look down on what you do. Accept it and move on. They are not you.

But if you want to make more money at the writing or place on the best seller lists and you find that you are coming short of your goals then it's time to look at those things that are holding you back.

How many of those things that are holding you back are obstacles that you create for yourself?

What small (or large) changes can you make to change those limiting behaviours?

Are you willing to make those changes to get what you want?

It's that honesty thing again that I was talking about earlier. Part of the reason that I didn't publish for so long was because I let so much of my life interfere in what I wanted. I never gave up on wanting to be published, but I didn't actively change those behaviours that were holding me back from it.

If you take anything away from this mini-workshop I hope that it's HOPE. Just like the characters that we write they can not continue on without hope. But hope requires intention, action and even change to make it all come together and become The Writer's Life You Want.

I hope you that you enjoyed this mini-workshop. I'd appreciate hearing any comments or suggestions that you have for me.

Now, go create!

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