Life at my house...

I worked late last night and returned home to find a very grumpy husband. You see, every morning my husband gets up while it's still dark and he does his best not to wake up the household. He gets dressed in the dark and apparently, sometime when the laundry was folded, the DH got a shirt that was actually mine. He was well into his work day when realized he was wearing a tee with a giant frog with a crown and the saying "Romance Writers, turning frogs into Princes on a daily basis"! When I asked him what he did when he found out he told me he just buttoned up his over shirt and refused to take it off... no matter how warm it got!

So, from now on... whenever I see a frog Prince (and in my line of work I see quite a few) then I'm sure I'll be thinking of my husband... and laundry.

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