GMC: It's not just for our characters

It's the end of the year. You're looking back at what you did or did not accomplish over the last twelve months and you are trying to figure out just how to get what you want. A manuscript published... or in my case... the next manuscript published.

For me, this was the year of rejection slips. Tough when you've sold before, but certainly not a new story. There are plenty of us facing the same fate after one, two or even twelve books.

Our Goal? To be published (again). To see a return on a major investment of heart, soul and time.

Our Motivation? Well, duh! We've worked really hard on our stories. They are our lives transposed onto sheets of paper and computer screens. Of course we want to see them published. And along with that goes the unspoken rewards. Money is good. I'd certainly not turn any down if they wanted to offer it to me for a book or books. Money is not the dirty word that every writer secretly covets, but some refuse to acknowledge. Money can be a powerful motivator and justification. There is also recognition both from family and peers and from those who have yet to read your books. That, also, is powerful. And there is that need to get that story on paper. To exorcise those characters haunting your brain.

Conflict? There are plenty of them. Time. There is never enough of it and it always seems that there is something waiting to just rob it from us. There is self-doubt that makes us write and rewrite continually and never actually submit in fear that some unseen person will reject us. There is a tightening market and an the skeptics and analysts that say this will be the roughest publishing year in recent memory. The shrinking midlist... the death of a genre... heck, anyone can find a reason if they try hard enough....

And that's what it comes down to... isn't it? Have you tried hard enough to see your goals realized? Did you take those chances that were offered you, no matter how small the offering? Did you sit your butt in your chair and write... no excuses? Only you can answer it. Me, I'm no stranger to the conflict. But I am always honest enough to know that there is always a chance, even the smallest... And it's up to me to take it.

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