Begging the question...

With all the news this week from the publishing world, I have to wonder if this will mean an increase in the ebook market? After all, since the cost of printing books is so prohibitive (said by someone who used to work for a non-fiction company), it only stands to reason that they are going to focus their efforts on getting the biggest bang for their bucks. Does this mean they are going to be cutting the advances for the large names in the industry? Maybe they won't increase them, but I don't believe they'll be cutting them. They'll be looking for ways to utilize their back inventory and not taking as many chances on an unknown.

Now, don't stop breathing out there just because you're a new author. This doesn't mean the doors are closed to you, but it would behoove you (egad! Did I really just use that word?) to produce tight books with highly intriguing plots and an eye to the future. Does anyone really know what the next hot thing is going to be? Probably not, but it wouldn't hurt anyone to study the market right now.

Those of you who are already publishing within the ebook arena are already aware of what it takes to sell books. The authors that I see in these lists, at least the ones that do well, are a combination of great story tellers, avid marketers and determined individuals. It takes a strong constitution to survive in a hard market. And the ebook writers have been fighting a battle since their inspiration.

Do I have the crystal ball that tells me what is ahead for the publishing houses and the others who live there? Certainly not, but keep in mind that a recession is a trend in a downward movement... and anything that goes downward will eventually work itself back up again. Maybe not to what it once was. The concepts, strategies and systems may be different... but in the end the idea of a fascinating story in search of a willing audience will never completely disappear.

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