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I had the very distinct pleasure of sitting next to Dianna Love at the booksigning for the KOD Retreat in Portland, Maine this last October. She, along with Mary Buckham, gave great workshops that had us all mesmerized and urgent to get home to work on our own books.
It was at the signing that I picked up her latest release, Phantom in the Night. I'd had a chance to talk with her a bit about the experience of working with Sherrilyn Kenyon on this project, but nothing compared to reading the book.
I admit. I was saving it until I had finished a project I was working on. I'd put it aside as sort of a reward for when I had more time (yes, I know that crazy talk). You see, between writing and paranormal investigating, a full time job and two kids and very patient hubby I have to restrict myself to lunch time reading.
But once I started reading Phantom I couldn't put it down. I read it on lunches, regular breaks, my few spare moments at night and even waiting in the car for my hubby to come back from picking up a prescription.
I was hooked.
Not only is the writing seamless, something that very few can carry off when working with a writing partner, but the story was fresh, intriguing an totally captivating. I loved it from the start and had to reread the ending twice since I was in such a rush to the HEA.
I bow to your greatness Ms. Love and Ms. Kenyon. I want to be you when I grow up.

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