Lessons Learned...

I was watching one of those Sunday Morning Preachers on the television. I am not someone who will normally discuss my belief systems with others. I have them. I'm just not the type of person to discuss them with others. But on this particular Sunday, the preacher was talking about Joseph and his "loyalty". That one words struck me more than others. And, as it always does, my mind moves as to how this builds characters? How does this create a belief system?

Dianna Love gave a workshop at the KOD Retreat in Portland on World Building. The questions that she asked were unusual and geared toward creating an entire society... complete with belief systems. So, when I heard this lecture on the television I began to look at it and ask myself... what is it that my hero is so loyal to that he would never walk away from? What is it that forms his belief system?

I'm going to add this to my list of questions that I use to create my characters. What is the question that you believe has the most impact when you look at creating believable characters?

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