I'm leading a double life...

Make that a triple life.

By day, I'm a mild mannered mom (well, not always so mild-mannered as my kids will attest to) and an assistant manager of customer service for a grocery chain. I'm also a writer. Have been for a very long time. But then, if you didn't know that you probably wouldn't be at my blog. And, occasionally at night, I'm a ghost hunter.

This new life is not so new... but the title is new. Before that I was just some chick roaming cemeteries and talking to people who weren't visible to most.

Sounds confusing, doesn't it?

Sometimes, it is. But the more that I do each of these things the more that I realize how well they mesh together. And how each serves the other well. The daytime job is not something that I will probably ever be able to do without. The pay is needed. But the job offers something else to my psychy. I get to talk to people. During the week before Thanksgiving... I get to talk to a lot of people. That connection is something that I savor. My soul drinks it up as I connect with others. Even when it's as simple as telling them what aisle the stuffing is in for the five hundredth time in one day.

It's in aisle five... all the way to the back... on the right.

The writing offers me the creative outlet that I need. If I go too long without writing my husband will tell me to go write. Apparently, I become grouchy or something. Also, if I'm procrastinating over things then I tend to create projects for him. Hence, the new counter tops.

But the writing is a part of me that is almost ancient. I was born a writer. Most writers will tell you the same thing. I came from a long line of storytellers and I'm sure the line is set to continue. Storytelling is history, fiction or not. Storytelling is life. Art. Love. Inspiration. Perspiration. Humanizing. Intensifying. And most times... frustrating. But we do it because we have to.

The last part is the newest. My writing led to my newest passion... hunting for ghosts. Now, my husband not only has the challenging endeavor of telling people that his wife is a romance writer (not that he ever really minded), but he must now tell people that his wife runs around in the dark, armed with a camera, camcorder, IR thermometer and a digital voice recorder. I'm not sure that even he can believe it. And he's had a long time to become accustomed to me. I came to the ghost hunting through my love of history. In this case, Maine history. I became quick friends with Kathy and Tony at Maine Ghost Hunters and I realized that these were people who shared many of the same traits that I do. They are curious, with a thirst for knowledge, and minds that are open to the things that can't necessarily be seen with the naked eye. (Well, most of the time.)

All in all, I don't mind the split personality. I've got more than enough curiosity to go around. But should you happen to see me in the grocery store with an EMF detector, please, don't be surprised.

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Morgan Mandel said...

You take it one step further from my friend who visits cemeteries when she goes on vacation.

Morgan Mandel/Double M

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