When I opened up my email from Borders this morning one of the first things that caught my eye was a new release, THE GIVEN DAY, by Dennis Lehane.

Now, there are a few things that will always suck me into a story. The first is that "catch your eye" thing. Very vague, I know. But it can be any number of things that will bring me to the point where I investigate a book further, especially since it has to be something quite intriguing to get me read outside romance. Usually, it's something that has a bit of history that I'm interested in, and if it includes a bit of Boston history, all the better.

In the case of THE GIVEN DAY, it's set in 1919 in Boston. Around that time, my family was living in Medford, Mass. So, I was hooked when I read the following blurb:

Set in Boston, the book revolves around the police strike of 1919 and its ramifications for two very different main characters. Capturing the maelstrom of a city—and a nation—at the crossroads, the book is a fascinating portrayal of race, politics, family, and greed.

The second draw was the video interview with the author. (if you want to see his interview, click here)I've bought a lot of books based on author interviews. Dennis Lehanes interview sealed the deal for me. Not because I thought he was well versed, or even comfortable in front of the camera... Heck, half the time he looked like he'd rather be doing something else. It was the passion with which he talked about his love of Boston, it's neighborhood's, triumphs, struggles, and even mistakes. This was what sucked me in. Anyone who has that kind of passion into their story will bring me in as a reader everytime. I don't want the rehearsed speech, the designer clothes and the vocabulary that goes over my head. I want passion. I want purpose. And I want someone who cared so much about a story that they couldn't help save write the book. As an author, I'd hope that when a reader reads my story they'll get just a little of that passion that I try to infuse in my own stories.

Mr. Lehane... I'm off to reserve your book. I can't wait to read it.


Helen Ginger said...

The things that appeal to us as readers are interesting. And you can't say it's one thing because that thing that appealed to you one time may not the next time.

This sounds like a good one! I'll look for it the next time I'm in the bookstore.

zhadi said...

I never know what's going to attract me to a book. I remember seeing SALEM'S LOT when it first came out and poo-pooing it as just another silly vampire book. Then I read it and discovered probably the best and scariest vampire novel ever written.

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