The last few days have been busy with the few remaining things that we had to do before school started. My son got off to school fine on Tuesday and is already into the swing of things. My daughter had an extra day, but already I can see that some of the habits are continuing. It looks like it's going to be another sleepless year.
Anyway, my daughter had a project to do for school over the summer that required her to do a family tree. The great part is that I'd done a lot of the genealogy for it years ago. I've got boxes of the stuff. But it had never really been organized. She took on the task of putting it all together and actually putting the information on the family tree chart that I bought years ago. The project was interesting and it netted a few things that surprised us both and some that truly didn't.

I knew that my family for the most part came from the British Isles. Not a big surprise when the majority of them immigrated from England, Scotland and Ireland.

Did: What did surprise us was that there was one lone lady that somehow made it onto the family tree. She was reportedly from Switzerland. This is what I attribute my love of chocolate to... or at the very least, I can say that it's in my genes.

Most of my relatives come from either the Midcoast area of Maine or the Mt. Desert Island area. This is two different sides of the family, mind you. The Mt. Desert side were granted land in the 1700's to settle Mt. Desert and the surrounding islands (probably to get ahead of the French, who also wanted the land). The Midcoast Maine relatives all seemed to stay within the area that was reachable by boat. Even as recent as when my great aunt was growing up, did they go to town by boat instead of by car. Both were very sheltered island communities and the further back you go the more muddy the waters get. It must have been pretty remote with a very small pool of people to pick from when you came of marrying age. That would explain some of the twisted branches on the family tree.

Did: What was surprising was that there were connections between the two sides of the family. My mother's and my father's side shared at least one relative about five generations back. No doubt, it was the shipping industry that brought them into contact. Still, it was interesting to note. I also have Morgan blood on both my grandmother and grandfather's side. They are a bit harder to trace and they were decidedly more recent additions to the family tree. But there is a connection there of sorts.

Regardless of the findings, I am glad to know that the information will continue on. The stories that my grandfather and grandmother told me will continue with my kids and their kids. And through them, they will live on...

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